Thursday, 5 March 2015

Barcode Scans

They scanned my barcode on the way over to France this weekend.  A curiously pointless exercise I thought, given that I was already aboard.  They can't stop the train and chuck me off until we reach France, by which time it's a bit too late. 

So I asked the bloke doing it.  Dogs, it seems.  He scans my ticket, and if I have already crumpled it up and added it to the mess on the floor of the back seat, he can type in my licence plate.  If I have paid for my doggy, a little paw print illuminates on his handset.  But if not, and the back of the car is full of sleeping canines, then what?

Well, he doesn't confiscate Rommel the Rottweiler.  Nor does he check my trouserlegs for ferrets.  He ticks something on his app, and HQ is alerted to send me a stroppy email. 

I can see why Eurotunnel might want to check up - they charge £16 per dog per crossing.  So if you are crossing at an offpeak time in February, with two dogs in the back, you are pretty much doubling the crossing fee. 

This seems a bit unfair on the dog owner.  Not that I am one, I'm more a cat person myself.  But I could take six big hefty rugby playing mates to France in the back of my Espace at no extra charge, whereas if I was taking Wee Jock the Highland terrier, Eurotunnel would stick me for 32 quid. 

Doesn't seem fair. 

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