Friday, 28 November 2014

Website Update

Someone has been tinkering.

There's a new version of the booking procedure online - and I must say I rather like it! 

A nice interface, I thought. 

Only problem is, first time I tried it, it failed to find the Frequent Traveller Fares i.e. £0.  It tried to charge me full whack prices!  Boo!

Try upgrading your browser, said the man from Tech Support, when I emailed them.  I'm on Internet Explorer 11, what more do you want?

OK, clear out your cache.  Nope, not that either

I ring back - no answer.

I try the main number.  "Can I help?" says the bloke who answers.  I explain the problem.  He talks me through the booking procedure.  "Why do I need this,  I've done it a hundred times before?" I ask myself.  But he was right, and it worked. 

The problem was that I was bypassing the front end, and going straight to My Eurotunnel, by clicking on the link on my address book for Eurotunnel.  But I had the old address, and now there's a new address for the new version!  

So well done, bloke on the helpdesk, and please accept my apologies for doubting you

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