Thursday, 12 June 2014

What's the Deal?

I've been asked to explain the deal that Eurotunnel offer.  Basically they give you a discount for paying up front for 10 or more trips.  This was £390 until a couple of months ago - it has now gone up to £430 for 10 trips.  So £43 per crossing. 

The price of a crossing varies depending on supply and demand - well, who would have thought it?  If you cross to France on a wet Tuesday lunchtime in February, the regular price is around about £65.  If you want to travel over to spend the August bank holiday in France, reckon on paying double that.  I've seen the peak time fare rise to around the £200 mark as it gets closer to the date of travel. 

So if you are crossing to France five times a year, the Frequent Traveller fare is a good deal...

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