Sunday, 15 June 2014


It was a smooth journey to Folkestone and the Channel Tunnel Terminal.  If there's a problem, it'll be on the M25,and there was no problem on Friday night.  We arrived, stretched our legs and went for a pee.  Sadly the café in the UK terminal has been taken over by Starbucks, and I had a cup of their vile burnt espresso.

There's another café - a nice one, independent, but it's usually closed by the time we arrive.  If you go through the UK and French border controls, (such as they are) and get into lane for the train boarding, there's a couple of shelters for coffee machines and Mars bar dispensers, plus a sort of caravan affair decked out to resemble a train.  You would think it's just a greasy spoon, but in fact it does a decent tea, nice espresso, and sausages, bacon, etc.  But it seems to close around 8pm, and we usually arrive at about 9 pm.   If it's open when you get there, be sure to go.  There aren't enough indie coffee shops, they deserve your support.

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