Monday, 30 January 2017

Eurotunnel wifi

Outbound it works at Folkestone terminal.  It works in the tunnel on the way to France.  But as soon as the train popped out of the tunnel in France, the signal died.

In the middle of a conversation of course. 

My wifi scanner can see no sign of Eurotunnel _customer.   Nothing.   Nearest is Cité Europe Wifi Gratuit  but that is out of range.  Not a big deal as I only have  a  few minutes to finish my conversation and head off down the A16

But on the way home. .. .

It's Sunday lunchtime in Coquelles, and no sign of a signal from Eurotunnel wifi.  My wifi scanner detects a free wifi for Flixbus, and sure enough we pass a bright green Flixbus parked up outside the passport check place.  But we are past too quickly - the terminal was the quietest I have ever seen it. 

Eurotunnel told me when I raised this before that they were very busy in the run up to Christmas and New Year.  I'm sure that's true.  But I think that some numbskull has accidentally unplugged the wifi router in France and that's why it isn't working.


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  2. It can't be anything to do with the fact they are busy like Xmas time, especially like you said it was quiet in the terminal. They need to get it sorted.