Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It's Quiet. Too Quiet

There is nobody about.  I've never seen the Folkestone terminal so empty.  It's late on Friday night to be sure but even so.  It's half term as well. 

But of course it has been half term all week.  So people probably went to France last weekend and have been spending the past week enjoying the autumn sunshine, picking apples and walnuts,  that sort of thing.

Which means...

Which means that on Sunday they will all be coming back to Blighty.

Oh dear

So there I am on Sunday morning heading up the A16 towards my scheduled lunchtime crossing.   And pretty much every car in the autoroute is British.   But Eurotunnel has it under control.   Somebody must have told them that it's the end of the bank holiday.   The douaniers and the Borders Agency have turned out and we get through pretty smoothly.  Even the roadworks (they are building something on the way to the train queue) scarcely held us up.

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