Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sod's Law In Operation

We set off in good time.   In fact, we set off well before we usually do.   There were no delays on the M25.   We got to the Folkestone terminal early.  It wasn't busy.  Great!

But sadly, the trains weren't running. 

Eurotunnel had sent me a text to expect a delay of an hour or so, because of a "technical fault".  I had a chat with the lady at the barrier who had been on duty since 9am (it was now 2200) and was obviously totally worn out.  Seems everything had gone wrong.  A couple of breakdowns in the morning and then they never managed to catch up and get back to normal.  Luckily it was not a bank holiday.  

I got talking  to a  group of Sikh lads who were off to a wedding in Bordeaux.  One driver and three pissheads, tucking into a case of Jack Daniels and coke.  Hope it went well lads!

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