Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Going Home

Handy for the trip home is Cité Europe.  Most of the shops are closed on most Sundays (the French don't approve much of Sunday trading for the most part, although they make an exception in the run up to Christmas).  Which is awkward for me as I tend to travel home on a Sunday. 

But I say it's handy because it has a Carrefour supermarket petrol station, and it is just round the corner from the tunnel - so just off the motorway on the way home.  And as one of the biggest supermarkets, prices are about the lowest around. 

So most trips I aim to fill up there before I cross back to the UK.  Did I mention that a litre of diesel is about 75% of the UK price?  So that is a worthwhile saving. 

The pumps are automated so if you have a credit card you can pay any time, although the payment gizmo is set low down so I have to bend to work it. 

You can hear the BUT coming, can't you?  Until recently the fuel was underground, in the lower level car park.  They have just moved it to a brand spanking new service station on the Cité Europe perimeter road (where my satnav has always believed it to be).  Large, convenient, and utterly bleak and windswept in winter.   In the rain, in the snow, it is miserable. There's an Auchan nearby - about 5 minutes drive - but again it is a bit exposed.

So I've been sorry to move out from under the car park. 

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