Friday, 5 June 2015

Good News for Lorry Fans

They are building something new at Folkestone - as you drive in they have dug away a great chunk of hillside, and are starting to construct something on the left of the access road.  What can it be? 

M. Jacques Gounon - the grand fromage of Eurotunnel - wrote a letter to shareholders which you can read online here

Most of it is a gripe about the annoying habits of the British government - ah, Jacques, vous en avez aper├žu, hein? - in failing to invest in stuff or support private companies who want to.  He also tells us about his new flock of sheep.  But next to his letter is a link to a video for fans of diggers, lorries and trains.

Seems they are spending a big wodge (€70m, I think they said) on new trains for lorry transport through the tunnel.  The road-works are making room for an extra two lanes for lorries, to the left of the lanes for cars and as far as I can see having minimal impact on you, and most importantly, me.

Then they are building a new check-in for lorries, terminal building, lorry park and so on.  They reckon on 20% more lorries going through the tunnel - and are spending their money on making it happen.

That'll annoy UKIP!

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