Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bloody Starbucks

So, it's 1030 at night and pretty much everything is closed - except for Starbucks.  I don't like Starbucks and its vile burnt coffee.  I decide to try the hot chocolate and my wife orders the English Breakfast tea. 

We pay, and go to the end of the counter to collect it.  I can sort of understand why they want me out of the way while they take money from the guy behind me in the queue, but I would much rather they gave me my order.  Other retailers - like Costa - can do it. 

Anyway, my hot chocolate came, and hey! It's really nice!  Silky, chocolatey, and generally delicious. 

We went back to the car and headed off, through passport control, under the height barrier, and into the lane to wait for the train.  My wife took a sip of her tea and pulled a face - no milk.

Bloody Starbucks!

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